From November 06, 2021 7:00pm until November 06, 2021 10:00pm

At The Historic Avalon Theatre

Winter is on it's way. Opening Day is still a little ways off, so we're offering the next best thing - we're hosting a preseason screening of two new films: The Stomping Grounds and Two Vans No Plans! Join us at the Historic Avalon Theatre; admission is FREE for Winter 2021-22 Season Passholders. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for $9 for non-passholders. Please get in line early, we can't guarantee seats for everyone so tickets are first-come-first-serve. Come meet up with your Powderhorn friends and family before we reunite on the mountain, the resort's scheduled Opening Day is November 26th!

NOVEMBER 6th at the Historic Avalon Theatre in Downtown Grand Junction


For decades, the pursuit of adventure, deep powder and massive spines has taken professional skiers like Mark Abma and Michelle Parker to the far reaches of the globe. As skiers, the desire to seek more and to escape is ingrained in our DNA. But that doesn't mean our immediate surroundings don't possess their own special treasures. Presented by Toyota, Matchstick Productions brings to you their newest creation, THE STOMPING GROUNDS.

This action-packed feature explores the backyards and zones our pro skiers can frequent every day (sometimes with a little extra effort and ingenuity). From a "born-and-raised" resort in Idaho to the spectacular Lyngen Alps just outside their hometowns in northern Norway, our skiers thrive in what's familiar and find thrills in the unexpected. In the process, they manage to re-discover what is "home." And home delivers in spades.

THE STOMPING GROUNDS features veterans and newcomers alike from the ski movie world; Mark Abma, Rory Bushfield, McKenna Peterson, Michelle Parker, Karl Fostvedt, Tom Wallisch, Logan Pehota, Sam Koch, Connery Lundin, Lucas Wachs, Banks Gilberti, Cole Richardson, Janelle Yip, Tonje Kvivk, Emily Childs, Adrien Grabinksi, Sam Cohen, Jay Rawe, Wing Tai Barrymore, Colby Stevenson, Hedvig Wessel, Nikolai Schirmer with Taylor Pratt, Lucy Sackbauer and Collin Collins.

Shot On Location

Sun Valley, ID | Tahoe, CA | Snowbird, UT | Park City, UT | Nelson, BC | Pemberton, BC | Terrace, BC | Northern Escape Heli-Skiing | Tordrillos, AK | Norway