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Trailblazers MTB Camp - Ages 10-17

From June 29, 2024 11:30am until June 29, 2024 3:30pm



Welcome to the Trailblazers Youth Mountain Bike Day Camp, where adventure meets skill-building at the Powderhorn Bike Park! Our camp is designed for younger riders ages 10-17 who are eager to explore the thrilling world of lift-access alpine mountain biking while learning essential techniques, safety practices, and fostering an appreciation for nature. Led by experienced instructors and set on breathtaking terrain, this camp promises an unforgettable experience for every participant. 


Daily Trail Riding: Participants will embark on daily guided rides tailored to their skill level, exploring a variety of terrain ranging from beginner-friendly trails to challenging singletrack. Each ride offers a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the natural landscape while honing riding techniques. 

Skill Development Workshops: Our instructors will conduct specialized workshops focusing on fundamental mountain biking skills such as bike handling, braking techniques, cornering, climbing, and descending. Through hands-on demonstrations and personalized coaching, participants will enhance their confidence and abilities on the trail. 

Safety & Equipment Orientation: Safety is our top priority. Participants will receive comprehensive instruction on bike maintenance, safety gear usage, and trail etiquette. Prioritizing safety ensures that participants can fully immerse themselves in the adventure with peace of mind. 

Team Building and Camaraderie: Through group challenges, team-building exercises, and base area gatherings, participants will forge lasting friendships and develop valuable teamwork skills. Building a supportive community encourages camaraderie and a support system both on and off the trail. 


Duration: Each three day session (not overnight) runs 11:30am - 3:30pm with a 1hr lunch, lunch is included.


Session 1: June 28 - June 30

Session 2: July 12 - July 14

Session 3: July 19 - July 21

*There will be no make up days available

Location: Powderhorn Mountain Resort Children's Learning Center - please check in at the base area bike shop by 11am, each day of the session. 

Meals: Lunches and nutritious snacks are provided throughout the camp, with dietary restrictions accommodated upon request.

Equipment: Learn to Bike package includes Rocky Mountain Reaper bike and all safety equipment. Lift tickets are also included. 


Package: $199 for three day session includes: Rental, lift ticket, lessons, and lunch each day

Lesson Only: $99 for three day session

*PLEASE NOTE: If participant is bringing their own bike, it must be full suspension with a minimum of 20" wheels and equipped with disc brakes. Safety equipment will be inspected by Powderhorn staff. Full face helmets are highly recommended. 

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