Parking at the Resort

We want all guests to have a great experience at Powderhorn, and that includes your arrival and departure. This season, we've also added roadbase to our fourth lot to open up over 100 new spaces. Please follow parking guidelines and keep everyone safe!

Overnight camping in the 1st 2nd and 3rd lot are not allowed. Parking in our 4th dirt lot is permitted, but please be aware of snow removal and heavy machinery starting at 4:00am. You may be asked to move your vehicle at any time for operations. 


Our parking attendants coordinate parking throughout all lots to make sure all spaces are filled for efficient arrival and departure. Guests are welcome to drive up to the portico in front of the base lodge for 5-minute loading and unloading – please observe and follow all attendant directions to keep parking quick and organized for everyone.


Our parking lot is frequently covered in snow, ice, and water. All guests must drive slowly and maintain control of their car at all times. Remember to be aware of other drivers in all directions, not just in front of you.


Maximize your time on the mountain! On high-volume days when lower parking lots are being filled, we will be running a shuttle – available to our guests at no cost. Check your gear before you board the shuttle and make sure you don't need anything else from your car.


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